Bucky Bee's Story

It all began with a name, De’Lynn and Sheila Buckingham owners of Bucky Bees BBQ have always been involved in the restaurant business in some capacity. Local residents of the Cave City area, it had been their dream for many years to own and operate their own restaurant. From their first jobs as a bus-boy and a drive through worker, to their meeting at their job at Shoney’s restaurant in the 90s. Their dream became reality in the winter of 2015, an opportunity arose to open their own restaurant. Work began on coming up with a name that would fit the style of food they wanted to provide. The decision was made to create a restaurant that would bring a barbecue and American food cuisine to the Cave City area that was family owned. The restaurant would use a classic atmosphere to take people back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. This time period was where the name Bucky Bees originated, De’Lynn Buckingham also known as
“Bucky B” played high school and college sports, his nickname throughout school was “Bucky B” because of his speed and agility on the football field. Thinking back to this time when deciding on a name for the restaurant, De’Lynn, Sheila, and their son Ransom agreed on the name, Bucky Bees BBQ, for its heritage and catchiness.

January 1, 2016, the first day of Bucky Bee’s BBQ as an established restaurant. Right from the first day the local support was what helped the dream become reality. With the help of De’Lynn and Sheila’s family the restaurant began to flourish. Each of their five children, Amber, Lindsey, Kati, Whitney, and Ransom have all had a huge role to play within the restaurant. Ransom, their only son, and current manager over Bucky Bee’s BBQ has been involved since the beginning, from helping decide the name, to helping restore the building for the first day of operation, to now working alongside other family members and coworkers. De’Lynn and Sheila’s goal is to pass the restaurant on to their son, Ransom, who’s hope is to expand the business, and provide work for their family for many years to come.